Being on the Front Foot is Vital

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Support | 0 comments

As most of us are now well adjusted to the shutdowns relating to COVID-19, one message is clear that proper care of facilities including cleaning and disinfecting will play a vital role in lifting confidence that workplaces and businesses are safe.  Any return to normalcy hinges on the success of this aspect.

It is more important now than ever for facility-care industry professionals to make the business case that cleaning is an essential and important investment.  It promotes employees health and keep clients safe resulting in better outcomes for the building owners and operators.

Facilities management including facility cleaning have evolved significantly over the past few years. Technology is increasingly being used to achieve operational efficiencies. Now the challenge is how to make these advances more transparent for the advantage of building managers and tenants.

With COVID-19 there is also a renewed focus on accountability of the front line team members where they are consciously acknowledging the tasks performed by them. Disinfecting surfaces and regularly attending certain facilities needs a full cooperation from the team members assigned to these tasks. Data collected at that level is important to develop analytics which can be shared with health professionals to ensure safety of employees and clients.

Sharing your data, with Building owners, provides an opportunity to offer solutions that are over and above the basic service. Data and analytics are greatly valued by customers. This allows you to position your business as a true business partner. You can be proactively identifying the areas which need more attention and areas where frequency or effort can be reduced. By assigning the right amount of staff to achieve the stated outcomes is winning proposition for both the service provider and the building management. NowYouCan has inbuilt tools to put you in a position of control.

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