Complexity where no complexity is required – Why?

Every enterprise software has different audience or user roles who interact with these systems to either input data and/or to manipulate data to get information.

Business analysts and user experience experts are constantly required to manage expectations of each of these roles.  Additional challenge is faced because these roles are harder to be separated in real life.  Sometimes it is the same person wearing different hat at different times.

The whole equation at times become even more complex as some of these roles are occasional users and need to be in and out of the system fast.  There is no way you expect these users to be trained or get them to watch any demos.  Only way is to remove complexity.  It is easier said than done.

Building and Facility Management Systems are one of the examples of these enterprise systems.  These systems are full of database input fields, full of industry specific jargon, full of silo lists, UIs cluttered with features that no user needs at the same time.  Technology is moving much faster than how these systems are evolving.

Building and Facility management has changed tremendously even over last couple of months.  There are added requirements to keep occupants and sub-occupants informed and building communication channel with them,  there are added compliance requirements to keep common facilities hygienically clean and keeping record of this.   So how do you address these challenges without upsetting the apple cart.

NowYouCan Software has been developed to remove communication barriers between facility managers and occupants.  We are on the forefront to bring ease of use in building management systems.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see how you can bring all your stakeholders to contribute efficiently by removing complexity where complexity is not required.  Book your demo today!

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