Compliance: Are you keeping up?

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Essential services are becoming highly regulated operations and cost of not being compliant can be detrimental to any business. Let’s first define ‘compliance’ and we will understand the importance of it for the facility service providers.

Let’s be clear, purpose of compliance is not to lump the businesses with cumbersome admin work and additional costs ‘but’ to assist businesses to identify correct actions and do the right thing where there a lot of moving parts in operations and decisions need to be made regularly.

The guiding frameworks enacted by the senior management in these businesses can support the frontline staff and make them confident in their day to day tasks and interactions with the external parties.

For facility services providers, we can segment compliance in 4 sections. Here we have described some of the main areas under each section. (please note this is just a broad view, your underlying compliance requirements may be over and above).

 Legislative Compliance

  • Adhering to Workplace health and safety
  • Adhering to awards and penalty rates applicable to the staff

 Health Regulations compliance

  • Following Covid Outbreak requirements
  • Consolidated Reporting of the work performed
  • Access to staff training registers

 Compliance to Building or Site Requirements including the scope of work

  • Keeping record of tasks performed
  • Site specific induction requirements
  • Enabling staff to report incidents – minimise any liability claims
  • Providing clarity in the scope of work

 Compliance to Company Policies and Procedures

  • Adhering to Staff Training Programs
  • Measuring Performance of staff
  • Correct and maintained equipment and materials used

Do you have tools to ensure your business is doing the right thing? Building managers and owners are constantly looking to work with Facility Service Providers that have procedures and policies and means to implement these. NYC (NowYouCan) can equip you with the technology to enable you in your journey to reduce your risk and legal liabilities and maximise your opportunity.

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