Facility Management Plans available for every building or space

All buildings are unique and stakeholders have different purpose. Tailor your solution based on your building type:

                        • Commercial
                        • Residential
                        • Educational
                        • Recreational & Retail

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Comprehensive Asset Management and Work-orders

Easy Occupant Communication, Cost Controls

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Direct Trade Experts

Trade experts are service providers to buildings i.e. Cleaners, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians

Trade Experts can define their territory and their expertise

Based on their territory Trade Experts are available to facility Managers to help them resolve any incidents or handle scheduled tasks!

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Registration and profile Setup


Incident Receipt
and handling


per incident or work-order escalated to the Direct Trade Expert

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Report Unlimited Incidents
or Book any facility

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Sub Occupants

This is whatFacility Managers get:

  • Unlimited Occupants and/or Sub Occupants
  • Unlimited First Responders or Care Takers
  • Unlimited Trade Experts & Service Providers
  • Unlimited Incidents Reporting
  • Scheduled tasks and structured workflows
  • Comprehensive Facility Assets Reporting
  • Work Order Tracking
  • QR Coding of Facilities
  • Android and iOS apps for Occupants, Sub Occupants, Care-takers and Trade Experts

Booking function offers:

  • Custom booking criteria for each facility controlled by the Facility Manager
  • Unlimited Bookings by Occupants and Sub Occupants through Mobile or Web app
  • Reporting and the ability to measure each facility’s Booking Efficiency