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NowYouCan is an integrated software to enable proactive facilities management

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Save 25 minutes of unnecessary and ineffective communication per incident!

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“By bringing together occupants, building managers, first responders and trade experts in the same ecosystem, our framework ensures no incident/mishap is overlooked”.


No fuss on-boarding of buildings and spaces allows every facility and item to be recorded easily and properly.
You will love how we have made it so easy!

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Having the right occupant, first responder and trade expert linked to the right facility makes it super convenient to report and resolve any incidents.

Of course booking a facility is also just a click away!

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Now with all the building blocks in place (no pun intended!), notifying any event/episode/incident/mishap is just a few taps process. The substance of information that is recorded in the incident provides every subsequent stakeholder a set of actions to resolve it promptly.

No phone calls or follow ups!

Go to Resolve


Notify all appropriate first respondents about the incident. Get them to claim the incident as per their own availability. Give them power to verify/escalate or resolve then and there. No complicated communications required!

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Maximize the utility of your facilities for your co-workers and residents.
Provide all bookable assets schedules through our easy to use app. Let them manage their own choices with full visibility!

Integrate with the solutions you already use

Connect NowYouCan to your technology stack and make it your front-end interactive portal.

Open APIs – NowYouCan’s well documented and easy to use APIs make it simple to connect NowYouCan to your current tools and workflows. Please request documentation by contacting us.

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