Manage facility operations from one data source & connected workflows

Deployed by some of the premier facilities management businesses across the world to record, measure and optimise site operations.

Our Solutions

Digitise Site Operations

Recording site data logically provides solid foundation. nYc lets you connect facilities, equipment, scope of work and people.  Enabling implementation of structured workflows for operational excellence.

Issues & Incidents

Take control of site issues with intuitive kanban style workflows, empower tenants to report and followup issues.  All without any phone-calls or emails.

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Team Attendance Management

nYc attendance and check-in system is integrated with site operations and tasks. Help your front-line staff to do the right thing.

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Work Order Management

Manage work orders from multiple sources and allocate them to numerous vendors.

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Scheduled Tasks Management

Manage scheduled tasks and deliver scope of work with enhanced transparency and accountability.

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Facility Booking Management

Allow tenants/staff to pre-book, cancel and reschedule facility bookings and receive real-time updates.

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Asset & Inventory Management

Keep underlying assets data integrated to issues and maintenance workflows.  Track warranties, breakdowns and performance of repairs.

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Why nYc?

Our Value proposition is to transform operational data into intuitive, visual and practical structure. This enables process driven provision of facility-care services, issues handling and structured communication for the team. Empowering management with data driven decision making.


Real Time

Our app captures data real-time and gives you access to where your staff is deployed, and clearly indicates the current task allocations of the staff.

Admin Support

Deploy nYc without disrupting your operations by using our expert deployment admins.

Built for Service Providers

To clean or to maintain a site involves daily or weekly tasks performed efficiently and effectively.  There are a lot of moving parts including tasks allocation, getting information about tasks completion, quality evaluation, team tracking and communication with the frontline team.  nYc has inbuilt tools to make these steps a plug and play operation.

Reporting and Analytics

Export standard reports and make custom reports that can be automated directly to you, the admin and your clients.  

Integrate with existing Solutions

If you interested in developing to our APIs, we have tools available. Connect to nYc and build automated processes.

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